High quality Apartments in Yekaterinburg with low prices

Apartments for rent in Yekaterinburg without intermediaries
Home Hotel "Petal Lotus" - a company that represents apartments. Comfortable accommodation for a short period in Yekaterinburg may need to residents of the city

- For a confidential meeting;

- Placing guests relatives;

- Retreat for rest or completion of any important matter that requires concentration.

Visitors to the city prefer to use our services, if

- There are no places in the hotels;

- Do not like the presence of strangers;

- Are not satisfied with the hotel daily;

- Want to leave things to wash, to relax, to collect his thoughts before the affairs of the city;

- The location of rental housing near the purpose of the visit.

Apartment for rent in Ekaterinburg equipped with: double beds and sofas, cable TV, free WI-FI internet access, wardrobe, ironing board, iron, hairdryer, fridge, MW and electric furnaces, washing machine. For bathing issued towels, disposable toothbrushes, shampoo, soap.

It offers customers in our company have a mini luxury hotel, Standard, Economy.

To rent an apartment, you can pre-order. Applications are accepted at any time by calling (343) 207-32-32. There is an opportunity for immediate occupancy.

The signing of the contract and payment are made on the spot, in the selected apartment. For seconded personnel, persons who engage in rigorous reporting, provided all the documentation of residence.

Important: The requirement to all tenants - the obligatory presence of a passport.

To learn more about all the nuances, you can contact our managers

- By phone +7(343) 207-32-32

- The company's website.